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Introducing: Optimization as a Service

NGR provides the most technically advanced optimization algorithms in the industry. With our new OaaS technology, they're just an API call away.

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    AMR Optimization

    Industry leading algorithms to get the most out of your mobile assets

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    NGR is your eye in the sky to coordinate mixed fleets of robots, even different types from different manufacturers.

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    Hardware Agnostic

    You supply the robots, we'll optimize their performance

We are the leaders for innovative warehouse optimization solutions

At NGR, we’ve developed breakthrough algorithms that leverage combinatorial optimization, game theory, and artificial intelligence to optimize warehouse performance. With our award-winning software, warehouses can employ multiple types of robots to dramatically increase their efficiency. We have solutions for:

  • Collaborative robots
  • Kiva-style goods-to-person
  • AS/RS shuttle systems
  • Dynamic zone picking
  • Slotting
  • And more. Watch us in action:


Optimization for multiple robot fleets, each with different targets. Each color robot can only acquire targets of the same color.

New Robot Manufacturer?

Use our solutions to instantly attain industry-best efficiency, without years of homegrown software development.

Solutions For Warehouses With & Without Automation

No more hand-written daily schedules — maximize workflow with the push of a button

The Company We Keep

We’ve created a partnership network to bring best-of-breed solutions to
our global customers

Complete Your Digital Warehouse Transformation

  • Multi-Robot Orchestration

    Orchestrate fleets of robots from different makers, for true overall warehouse efficiency and optimization.

  • Flexibility in Robot Makers

    Seamlessly switch from one robot manufacturer to another with no downtime or change in flow.

  • Unified Data Collection

    We create personalized data analytics to help you understand and improve your warehouse processes and flows.

  • True Optimization

    Designed by world experts in combinatorial optimization, our algorithms give you the best targeting, scheduling and routing solutions possible.

  • Combine with other middleware

    We can layer our solutions on top of other monitoring or connection software, so you get fleet optimization on top of your other services.

  • Stay Up To Date

    Receive regular software updates as our solution evolves over time, done seamlessly behind the scenes.


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