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Boost your
supply chain efficiency with intelligent automation.

Next Generation Robotics provides fleet management and optimization solutions for the modern automated warehouse.

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    AMR Optimization

    Get more from your robot manufacturer’s software ecosystem via our intelligent scheduling and targeting solutions.

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    Mixed Fleet Management

    Coordinate heterogeneous fleets of robots, even from different manufacturers.

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    Warehouse Automation

    Our software brings efficiencies to a range of warehouse automation challenges.

Get the most from your mobile asset fleet.

46% of supply chain professionals list software and integration as a challenge when considering automation. Our software restores your flexibility, making you less reliant on your robot manufacturer’s software ecosystem.

  • Uses our state-of-art column generation (CG) algorithms
  • Modular design supports new functionality as demand grows
  • Integrates with your Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Logistics & Warehouse

Reorganize your inventory placement, and optimize order sequencing, via our warehouse-ready algorithms.

Easily Switch Robot Providers

Change from one robot provider to another without costly new software installation, and with no change to your scheduling or material flow.

The Company We Keep

We’ve created a partnership network to bring best-of-breed solutions to
our global customers

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